You can find a list of all the cracking stores that sell our products in the stockists section of our website. Or if you're feeling lazy we have an online shop which you can order from with delivery straight to your front door!

Yes. The ingredients in our products are dairy free. The product is made on a separate line within the factory which is dairy free however there are products made on other lines in factory which contain dairy ingredients.

Yes. The ingredients in our products are gluten free. The product is made on a separate line within the factory which is gluten free however there are products made on other lines in factory which contain gluten and the factory is not certified gluten free.

No. The ingredients in our products are nut free, the product is made on a separate line in the factory that is nut free.

Yes. The ingredients in our products are crustacean free, but the factory in which they are made handle these ingredients. The line is cleaned prior to the production of the Vegan Pr*wn Crackers and there are strict controls in place to avoid cross contamination.

No never. All our products use 100% natural ingredients, nothing artificial and no MSG.

Our ingredients are all sourced ethically and sustainably via our manufacturers who have their own Code of Conduct, Sustainable Sourcemap and Human Rights Statements. We try to source locally where we can to reduce our carbon foot print.

All our products are made here in the UK. Although it's a bit more expensive it means we can give you the best quality product. Our products are made in a British Retail Consortium A grade site the best quality and hygiene standard in the world.

We’re proud that our CO2 emissions are super low vs traditional prawn crackers. That's because we remove all dairy and crustacean (prawn/shrimp) from our pr*wn crackers.


Currently only the UK for online customer orders but for business to business order we ship globally.

If you have selected standard delivery or been given free delivery it will take between 3-5 working days but usually 3 working days. If you have selected next day delivery and your order was placed before 1:30pm your order will arrive the next day unless it's been ordered on a weekend it will arrive Monday.

We pack multiple products in the same box in order to reduce our impact on the environment. By making this change, we will reduce waste, use less packaging and significantly decrease the amount of food miles and carbon emissions we currently produce.

We don’t currently have the option to add notes to your orders.

You can only use one discount code per customer per order. Please check the T’s & C’s for each promotion for more information.

We aim to pack all orders and dispatch within the same day. However, we will try and process any order cancellation requests we receive. Please send us an email to

Please note that our Customer Service team only operates Monday to Friday, 9-5pm UK time.

Returns and exchanges

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Our products are packaged in a special type of plastic film called Polypropylene (PP). This plastic is widely recyclable in it's rigid form e.g. food trays, yoghurt pots and can be put in your domestic recycling bin. When it's made into a film e.g. our packets, it is unfortunately not widely recyclable at the kerbside in the UK.

Why plastic?

Ensuring products are kept in the correct packaging minimises food waste, and one wonderful material which preserves food for longer is plastic. 8% of global carbon emissions come from food waste, therefore using packaging which protects and preserves our products is vital for minimising our emissions.

We also try to minimise food waste in other ways, either by selling, sampling or even giving away our products to food banks to ensure they are used.

We have pledged to make all our product packaging recyclable packing by 2023 and are currently working with innovative packaging companies to meet this goal.

Our charity partner is Project Seagrass which is a UK based charity that is supporting the regeneration of seagrass within the UK. Seagrass plays a very important role in the marine ecosystem and helps to offset carbon for a better sea and planet. That's why we donate 1p for every pack sold to Project Seagrass.